Future Perfect Update 12

Posted by Max at 23-02-2015

Weekly Update 12 is now live on Steam. Here’s a summary of the biggest changes.



There are now two resources the player can build with. Chopping at a tree provides wood. Punching giant boulders provides stones. The stones take longer to harvest but are much stronger and will keep you reasonably* safe from bears. This also required about a day of work to recombobulate the way resources were tracked in the inventory.


*not nearly as safe as you would want though



One of the goals this past week was to build out the game loop for the Lumberjack Simulator. We are still working on the details but it was clear that honey was going to be important.…


Future Perfect Update 11

Posted by Max at 17-02-2015

Weekly Update 11 is now live on Steam. Here’s a summary of the biggest changes.

Revised UI

This week we overhauled the layout of the editor UI. As we’ve developed Future Perfect, we’ve been adding new editor features and concepts as we discovered the need. As a result there wasn’t too much rhyme or reason to the layout. Although we still have more to implement, it feels like we’ve got a pretty good handle on all of the major functional pieces, so it was time to step back and think how they could be better integrated into a single UI.


We’ll be iterating more on the UI, so please let us know what you think.

Although the new UI is primarily just a new organization of the existing one, it did give us the opportunity to add in an entity search feature.…


Future Perfect Update 9

Posted by Max at 03-02-2015

Weekly Update 9 is now live on Steam. Here’s a summary of the biggest changes.

Player Movement


One long standing issue we tackled in this update is player movement bugs. In earlier versions, trying to walk over a pile of physics objects would cause the player to be shot directly upwards with a huge velocity.


While this was a pretty fun, it completely broke the game. The bug was caused by the “stair stepping” code that allows a character to step over small obstacles; that stepping motion would translate into a large vertical velocity causing the player to be propelled upwards.

We also fixed another bug that prevented characters from being knocked around by trigger forces until they are pressing movement keys or are in the air.…


Future Perfect Update 7

Posted by Max at 20-01-2015

For Update 7 we’ve continued working on the Heist game mode.



One of the new elements for the Heist game is a bomb. The bomb is a throwable item that counts down before it explodes.


Like everything we’re making, we designed the artwork for the bomb to be “universal”. The goal is to have a distinctive look, but allow the model to be re-used for other purposes; our bomb has an explosive payload, but you can re-use it in your own game modes in new ways.


Damage Types


To support some things we have planned for the robot on the Heist mode, we’ve upgraded our damage code to include multiple types. Now when a player takes damage, you’ll hear a different sound depending the source of the damage.…


Future Perfect Update 5

Posted by Max at 26-12-2014

It’s the holiday season, which means Future Perfect development has slowed a little bit. Despite the end of year festivities, the team is still keeping progress ticking over. Here’s a look at some of the things that have been done recently. A few days ago, a new Steam update was released. If you own Architect Edition (Get it here), you will have received the update automatically.

This might come as a surprise, but here at Unknown Worlds we do occasionally make errors while scripting. While we’re sure none of you will ever make script errors, Future Perfect has a new feature to make dealing with them easier, just in case. Script errors will now show up in the world, with a little warning icon.…


Future Perfect Update 4

Posted by Max at 20-12-2014
Future Perfect

Elegant complexity can be born of the combination of simple systems in unexpected and creative ways. In Future Perfect, the provision of simple, but potentially very powerful systems, is at the core. That’s my deep and meaningful thought before looking at some of the development progress from this week.

Naturally, this post can’t hope to cover everything that the Future Perfect team worked on this week. For that, you should check out the Future Perfect Trello board.

Max has spent a lot of time tinkering with systems that allow electronic set ups. Check out this crazy machine, that drops a doodad into a pit of doom:


It seems that Max is basically the king of dev YouTube videos now.…


The Weekly Plan #1

Posted by Max at 08-12-2014

We are going to post a quick update at the start of each week to discuss what is being worked on. This week is exciting because it is…

Game Jam Week!


Future Perfect is a very technical game. We spend a lot of time in the deep end of the engine code wrangling up stray bits and debating the merits of using a quaternion representation for rotations to avoid gimble lock. Every once and while we feel the need to eat our own dog food and make something.

Our first jam week resulted in Rocket Science. A high stakes game of base defense and mutually assured destruction.



For our next jam week, we decided to split up and work on 3 separate games.…


Scripting Tutorial

Posted by Max at 29-11-2014

For the last 73 years, Dushan and I have been locked in a small cage, slaving over a scripting tutorial for Future Perfect. Mostly Dushan.


This comprehensive tutorial will get you started scripting in Lua in Future Perfect. It’s chock full of code snippets, videos, and pictures to help you go from zero to Minesweeper-fiend in about… Thirty minutes.


Next on the agenda, art import, physics, and other topics. But for now, we’re off to eat & drink something other than bread and water.

View the tutorial here: http://steamcommunity.com//sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=346394235

The comment system is currently broken. Here is a direct link to the comment thread.


Future Perfect Update 1

Posted by Max at 28-11-2014

This has been a short week for development due to the Tuesday release and the Thanksgiving holiday in the US. We still have some good things for you though!

Most importantly we’ve been working on fixing a handful of critical bugs. Fortunately we were able to catch them quickly and put out fixes the same day. We’re in “earliest access” so there will be bugs, but we’ll try as hard as we can to make sure they don’t interfere with anyone’s enjoyment.

Our plan is to update Steam with a new stable version of the game every week. However, if you’re willing to put up with a few extra bugs, you can get daily updates from the Steam “beta” branch. To switch to using the beta branch, all you have to do is right click on Future Perfect in Steam, select Properties and then choose it on the Betas tab.…


Welcome to Future Perfect

Posted by Max at 25-11-2014
Future Perfect

For the past year we’ve been working on a new project with a small team at Unknown Worlds. While most of the company has been involved with the underwater adventure Subnautica, Andrew, Brian, Dushan and I have been quietly working on a different type of game. Future Perfect: a game about discovering, creating and playing games online with your friends.

Many games have influenced us, but some of our fondest gaming memories come from playing mods at LAN parties. Future Perfect is about bringing that nostalgic experience into the present.  The first part of Future Perfect is a handful of varied game modes based around first person cooperative and competitive gameplay. The second part is an toolset built directly into Future Perfect for creating and sharing your own games.…