Future Perfect Update 12

Posted by Max at 23-02-2015

Weekly Update 12 is now live on Steam. Here’s a summary of the biggest changes.



There are now two resources the player can build with. Chopping at a tree provides wood. Punching giant boulders provides stones. The stones take longer to harvest but are much stronger and will keep you reasonably* safe from bears. This also required about a day of work to recombobulate the way resources were tracked in the inventory.


*not nearly as safe as you would want though



One of the goals this past week was to build out the game loop for the Lumberjack Simulator. We are still working on the details but it was clear that honey was going to be important. The player can now break open a hive and access the honey inside.




No outdoor video game is complete without fire. The campfire will allow the player to roast edible items, warm up at night, and perhaps not catch their entire base on fire.


Online Documentation

We are now automatically generating documentation after every build which is hosted here. We are curious to hear what type of documentation you would find useful in the future.


As usual, if you’d like to see some more detail on all of the changes that went into this update, check out our Trello Board. In addition to the things highlighted here, a bunch of bug fixes went into this build. The board shows all of the tasks we have planned, we’re working on and have completed for the next update.

If you’d like to help support the project and get access to all this progress, you can do so by purchasing Future Perfect Architect Edition from our website.