Getting the Look

Posted by Andrew at 25-11-2014
Future Perfect

In developing an overall visual style for Future Perfect, we encountered a few problems that we hadn’t come across in previous games. Chief among these is that it’s difficult to define a consistent visual style for a project that’s so heavily defined by variety and user-generated content. The fact that the “game” is really a collection of games, tools and other components means that there’s no obvious theme or backstory to develop a style out of.

That Retro Vibe


In the end we decided that, because we would be shipping our own game modes alongside the tools for making them, it was still important to have a strong visual style and to use it to define the visuals of the entire project.…


Recreating the ‘Lan Party’ Feel

Posted by Max at 25-11-2014
Future Perfect

The mid-2000s were a magical time for the LAN party. Half Life 2 modding was just starting up. Warcraft 3 was giving us new games to play like Tower Defense and DotA. And Battlefield 1942 mods let you fight as a pirate or fly a helicopter before it was cool.

The night would start with a good dose of pizza and soda and then it was time to play some weird game your buddy Stephen heard about on an obscure modding forum. It might have taken a couple hours to get everyone patched up and modded but it was worth it.

Part of the inspiration of Future Perfect is recreating that LAN party feel. Minus the patching. And you will have to take care of the pizza.