The Weekly Plan #1

Posted by Max at 08-12-2014

We are going to post a quick update at the start of each week to discuss what is being worked on. This week is exciting because it is…

Game Jam Week!


Future Perfect is a very technical game. We spend a lot of time in the deep end of the engine code wrangling up stray bits and debating the merits of using a quaternion representation for rotations to avoid gimble lock. Every once and while we feel the need to eat our own dog food and make something.

Our first jam week resulted in Rocket Science. A high stakes game of base defense and mutually assured destruction.



For our next jam week, we decided to split up and work on 3 separate games.

Max created SubSpace. A game about Sky Pirates, their booty, and of course, grappling hooks.


Dushan decided there wasn’t enough turned based, top down, tactical gameplay on display. He fixed that with NSTactics.


Andrew and I worked on a first person racing game creatively named “Speed Run”.


Rocket Science and SubSpace are available on the workshop now.


Heist Game


It’s no secret that we are fans of heist games. This week we are working on another one. Circumvent security systems, reroute power, dodge robots, and steal the data.

We are still very early in the process so there isn’t much to say yet but we will update you all as the week progresses. We may even try using the new Steam Broadcasting system to get early feedback from the community.


Your Turn


We are encouraging you all to join us this week in making something. Maybe you want to try out the new model editor or add some sound effects to the railgun. Whatever you do, make sure to post it to the forums so we can see!


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