Future Perfect Update 16

Posted by Max at 25-03-2015

Future Perfect Update 16 is now live on Steam! As usual, we update the Steam “beta” branch daily with the latest, and then once a week we push that out to the main branch along with a post summarizing the most interesting bits.

Over the last couple weeks we’ve been focusing on the things we need to get done to bring Future Perfect to a wider audience. The main goal is to allow new players to jump in and start building and playing their creations within a few minutes. Here are some of the things we’ve been working on.

Package Reorganization


As we’ve been experimenting and building things in Future Perfect, we’ve been creating a library of different types of objects that can be reused in your own games.…


Future Perfect Update 15

Posted by Max at 17-03-2015

The weekly update for Future Perfect is now live on Steam! Here are some of the changes in this update.

Improved Thumbnails


In the last update we added support the thumbnail images in the asset browser. This week we’ve improved them by adding images for collision, material, and particles assets. We also fixed a few issues with thumbnails; thumbnails will now always use high quality textures, emissive transparent parts are displayed properly, decals in blueprints will be rendered, and the skin selection is taken into account for models.


Player Movement


This update includes a few improvements related to player movement. First, we addressed some bugs in the Controller component that made it move erratically near small obstacles like rocks.…


Future Perfect Update 14

Posted by Max at 10-03-2015

The weekly update for Future Perfect is now live on Steam! Here are some of the changes in this update.

Asset Thumbnails


This week we implemented a long planned feature: asset thumbnails. Now when you open the asset browser in the editor you’ll see preview icons:


Right now we only have thumbnails for models and blueprints (that use models), but we’ll be adding support for texture, material and collision assets as well.

This is part of our continuing effort to improve the usability of the editor interface.

Bow and Arrow


The bow and arrow is a new item in Future Perfect. It’s using programmer artwork, but the bow and arrow was a good chance to implement something a bit different than other hand-held objects we’ve implemented so far.…