Future Perfect Update 7

Posted by Max at 20-01-2015

For Update 7 we’ve continued working on the Heist game mode.



One of the new elements for the Heist game is a bomb. The bomb is a throwable item that counts down before it explodes.


Like everything we’re making, we designed the artwork for the bomb to be “universal”. The goal is to have a distinctive look, but allow the model to be re-used for other purposes; our bomb has an explosive payload, but you can re-use it in your own game modes in new ways.


Damage Types


To support some things we have planned for the robot on the Heist mode, we’ve upgraded our damage code to include multiple types. Now when a player takes damage, you’ll hear a different sound depending the source of the damage. We’ve added melee, projectile (like bullets), fire, explosion and poison types, and no doubt we’ll add a few more in the future.


One of the elements this will support in a gas cloud that will be released by an alerted robot.




Speaking of the robot, we’ve given it a few updates to its AI. Now the robot can sense the player and will go into “seek and destroy” mode.


The art we’re using right now is a placeholder, but we’re working on a new design that you’ll be seeing soon.

If you’d like to see all of the changes that went into this update, check out our Trello Board.

You can get access to all this progress, and more, by purchasing Future Perfect Architect Edition.