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Posted by Max at 20-12-2014
Future Perfect

Elegant complexity can be born of the combination of simple systems in unexpected and creative ways. In Future Perfect, the provision of simple, but potentially very powerful systems, is at the core. That’s my deep and meaningful thought before looking at some of the development progress from this week.

Naturally, this post can’t hope to cover everything that the Future Perfect team worked on this week. For that, you should check out the Future Perfect Trello board.

Max has spent a lot of time tinkering with systems that allow electronic set ups. Check out this crazy machine, that drops a doodad into a pit of doom:


It seems that Max is basically the king of dev YouTube videos now. He’s putting out so much cool stuff. Here he is tinkering with a basic feature that allows easier placement of all those electronic parts, ‘align-to-normal’ blueprint placement:


And just one more, because I can’t resist how awesome they are. Here’s Max setting up a ‘wire actuator’ – A contraption┬áthat is sending a signal through through a wire to change the state of a thingamajig on the other end:


Why this obsession with wires and electronics? One of the team’s focuses right now is a ‘Heist Jam’ – a game jam to make a heist game. Doing stuff involving electronics is a great component for a heist game. For example, maybe you need to disable one of these new laser fences:

Future Perfect

Nod flashbacks, anyone?

You guessed it, Max even made a video showing off how to set one of these fancy things up!


If you want to tinker with all this electronics stuff, you can! All these blueprints and assets Max is using in his videos are available in the Heist:Electronics package.

Future Perfect

The Heist: Electronics package is available by default

Brian and Andrew are up to something Heisty with a new device called the Buying Station. As far as I can tell, this device will be used for microwaving TV dinners.


Paintover concept for a ‘Buying Station’

The Heist theme continues throughout much of what the Future Perfect team has been working on this week. The best place to see the whole lot of it is on the Future Perfect Trello board.

Anything in ‘Update 4 – Done’ is this week’s haul

You can get access to all this progress, and more, by purchasing Future Perfect Architect Edition.


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