Future Perfect Update 5

Posted by Max at 26-12-2014

It’s the holiday season, which means Future Perfect development has slowed a little bit. Despite the end of year festivities, the team is still keeping progress ticking over. Here’s a look at some of the things that have been done recently. A few days ago, a new Steam update was released. If you own Architect Edition (Get it here), you will have received the update automatically.

This might come as a surprise, but here at Unknown Worlds we do occasionally make errors while scripting. While we’re sure none of you will ever make script errors, Future Perfect has a new feature to make dealing with them easier, just in case. Script errors will now show up in the world, with a little warning icon.


Railguns are part of the default pack of weapons that are included in Future Perfect. Along with the rocket launcher, they now have their own set of animations.

Future Perfect

Aim away from face

Speaking of default assets, pay attention. This is important! Office plants are coming…



Doors now have a texture colour assigned based on room colour, which looks sweet!


Future Perfect’s forums no longer use the Natural Selection 2 theme (Hell, it’s about time!), and have their own shiny new design.


Andrew has been working on a ‘gallery’ level, that lays out how to use and connect various ‘Heist’ related entities.


Some more ‘Heist’ related art is coming down the pipe too. Here’s an example, the ‘buy station.’


You can tinker with all this stuff, and get involved in Future Perfect development, by buying Architect Edition. You can also see what the development team is up to by visiting the Future Perfect Trello board. As the holidays come to an end, you can expect development pace to pick up again. Join theĀ dev update mailing list to receive updates on progress.