Dedicated Server

Jan 08, 2013

These files are only needed if you want to run a dedicated server. For help running a server, please visit the Server Operator Forum, or check #nsserver on GameSurge IRC.

The files here are unified zip files for Linux and Win32. To unzip them on Windows, use Winzip or another package and unzip them to your Half-Life server directory. For Linux, please unzip the file without the -a flag. i.e. simply unzip buy typing “unzip” (without the quotes) in your halflife server directory. As always with any new HL mod, reinstalling HLDS and your mod cleanly is HIGHLY recommended to avoid issues running your server.

There will often be a patch that is more recent than the latest Dedicated Server–when this is the case, a patch version number will begin with the corresponding server version (for example, patch 3.0.5 is for server version 3.0, and should not be used with 3.1). When this is the case, please get both the patch and the latest dedicated server entry from the list below. Unzip the dedicated server first, then unzip the patch on top of the dedicated server download.