Unity console programmer

We really need someone to take ownership of XB1 and (just-started) PS4 versions of Subnautica. This would be a full-time short-term position preferably in-house job at our office in SOMA San Francisco. If it’s not in-house, you would need your own dev-kits.

Besides this programmer, we’re always looking for people that could be an exceptional fit. If you think this could be you, please write us. We are looking for T-shaped people.

Who We Are

A long time ago, we created the Half-Life mod Natural Selection. We helped pioneer the “early access” model when we started bundling pre-orders with Overgrowth (now Humble). We created our own technology (Spark) and used it to build Natural Selection 2 for Steam.

Since early 2013 we’ve been working on Subnautica which is our biggest game to date (1.7M+ copies, Steam, XB1). Shipping early and often is in our blood.

How We Work

We hang out in HipChat and Slack. We meet regularly in Teamspeak, Appear.in, etc. We don’t tell people what to work on. And we have regular full-team retreats in sunny gorgeous places all over the world. We rent a sweet house, fly the whole team there and spend a week swimming, gaming, drinking wine and giving micro-talks (similar to these).

Who you are

Our ideal candidate is passionate, self-motivated and versatile. You won’t have a manager handing you tasks and a time table; it’s up to you to choose what to work on, when to work and how to work. This doesn’t work for everyone, but for us, it’s thrilling. Of course, we still set deadlines that we have to meet, but you get to set your own goals and decide how to fit them into the big picture.

How To Apply

We are an Equal Opportunity employer. 

Even if you think you aren’t completely qualified, please e-mail us a cover letter and examples of your work.

Email us