Dec 10, 2012


1. Purchase Half-life on Steam ($9.95 U.S.). If you don’t have Steam installed, you will be prompted to install it.

2. Download and install the latest Natural Selection from here (156 megabytes). Now close and restart Steam or it won’t appear in your games list.

3. Run Natural Selection by opening Steam, clicking “My Games”, then double-clicking “Natural Selection”. If Half-life isn’t fully downloaded, it will prompt you at this time to do so (400 meg).

You may want to register on this web site, so you can post on our forums and reserve a persistent identity for yourself. Then introduce yourself and ask questions in the New Player Forum.

Finally, have a look at our game manual before jumping into a game. We recommend joining “Combat” games to start (maps start with “co_”), and moving to “NS” games when you”re more experienced (maps start with “ns_”).


You are now approaching station NatSel. Repeat: prepare to dock with NatSel. 

The Kharaa presence has been confirmed onboard. Before we lost our readings, sensors showed multiple forms moving at incredible speed through the ventilation shafts and maintenance tubes. Expect immediate and intense conflict the moment you deploy.

Control the resources. Defend your base. Listen to your commander. Be prepared to face more and more powerful alien foes. Learn their many forms and abilities, and how to counter them. Find the heart of the Kharaa threat, and eradicate it. The battle begins now. Its outcome rests in your hands.

Luck and victory to us all.