• We will never spam you or distribute or sell your information.
  • We won’t give out your information to any third parties either.
  • We might e-mail you from time to time, but only with information we think you want, and you can always easily opt-out.
  • We hope that knowing more about our players will help us make games that best serve our players. We plan on leveraging our players as best we can, in order to secure investment, support community efforts, and organize community events. Being able to communicate with you easily is crucial to all these things, so we’re hoping you trust us with your actual e-mail address.
  • We hope to associate in-game activity with your profile in the future, but this will always be optional.
  • You are our most valuable asset…will treat you right! That is, the way we would like to be treated.

For the detailed legalese privacy policy and all its minutia, click here.