Future Perfect Update 10

Posted by Max at 09-02-2015

Future Perfect Update 10 is now live on Steam. New features, bug fixes and other improvements go out to Steam every day in the “beta” branch, and once a week we wrap this progress into a stable update in the “main” branch. Here’s what’s included.

Shadow Improvements


In the last update we made some improvements to the shadow filtering quality, but there were still some artifacts left. These artifacts are what is known as shadow “acne” because they show up as spots along the surface. The artwork in Future Perfect is very susceptible to these types of artifacts because of the “clean” art style we’ve chosen and the way that everything is built out of modular pieces. As a result, the techniques we used in Natural Selection 2 didn’t carry over very well.…


Future Perfect Update 9

Posted by Max at 03-02-2015

Weekly Update 9 is now live on Steam. Here’s a summary of the biggest changes.

Player Movement


One long standing issue we tackled in this update is player movement bugs. In earlier versions, trying to walk over a pile of physics objects would cause the player to be shot directly upwards with a huge velocity.


While this was a pretty fun, it completely broke the game. The bug was caused by the “stair stepping” code that allows a character to step over small obstacles; that stepping motion would translate into a large vertical velocity causing the player to be propelled upwards.

We also fixed another bug that prevented characters from being knocked around by trigger forces until they are pressing movement keys or are in the air.…


Future Perfect Update 8

Posted by Max at 27-01-2015

Weekly Update 8 is now live on Steam. Here’s a summary of the biggest changes.

If you’d like to see some more detail on all of the changes that went into this update, check out our Trello Board. The board show all of the tasks we have planned, we’re working on and have completed for the next update.

You can help support the project and get access to all this progress by purchasing Future Perfect Architect Edition from our website.

Automator Optimization


This week we finished a two-week-long task to optimize the execution of Automators. Automators are a special type of script component that runs inside the editor to help with tasks like placing modular pieces for procedural objects.…