Three updates in one!

The Subnautica Silent Running, Voice of the Deep and Ghost updates have both been released together on Xbox One.

Rig for Silent Running

Red Alert: Creature attack detected! The Silent Running Update brings a massive overhaul to the Cyclops Submarine.

  • Bridge Threat Display
  • Decoy Launcher
  • Fire!
  • Lots more...

The Prison Calls

The Precursors built this place to contain something. That something is interested in you.

  • Sea Emperor Leviathan
  • Precursor Pipe System
  • New Teleporters
  • Lots more...

Enter the Void

Don't go swimming in the Void. There is something out there. You will not make it out alive.

  • Cure the Infection
  • Precusor Array Shutdown
  • Upgraded Cyclops
  • Lots more...

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