Xbox One Silent Running Release Date

Posted by acedude 7 years ago

The Subnautica Silent Running update was released on Steam a few weeks ago. Silent Running still has not been released on Xbox One. Why not? When will it be released? Read on to find out…

Why hasn’t Silent Running been released yet?

Subnautica is a Big Game™. The sheer volume of textures, models, animations, code, and other assets is very, very large. So large, in fact, that we have started to run up against some limits ingrained in Unity. Unity is a ‘game engine’ that we use to help create Subnautica.

To get around those limits, we have been modifying Unity.  The modifications are working on our Windows and Mac versions, but have caused serious problems, including crashes, for the Xbox One version.

We can’t release Silent Running on Xbox One until we resolve those problems.

When will Silent Running be released on Xbox One?

We don’t know. Picking release dates is practically impossible. All we can say is, “when it is ready”. We are devoting maximum resources to the problem and working on it full time. In fact, Max is basically chained to his desk trying to get Silent Running out the door.

Roughly, we think we will be able to release Silent Running in ‘a couple of weeks.’ We know that’s a very loose time frame, and we wish we could be more accurate.

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