Silent Running Update Released!

Posted by Jessica 7 years ago

Welcome aboard, Captain.

The Silent Running Update has arrived! Get all the details on the Silent Running site.

Silent Running

Engage Silent Running mode to extinguish all exterior lights, dim interior to a red hue, and move at a minimum speed.

New Cyclops Upgrades 

Add Sonar, Shields, a Fire Suppression System, and/or additional Decoy slots.

New Onboard Display and HUD Additions

Onboard controls, screens, and HUD get a makeover alongside the new features in the Cyclops.

Creature Threats, Damage, and Wrecks

Navigate the waters carefully, some creatures will violently attack the Cyclops if drawing too much attention. These attacks can cause hull damage and fires. If hull strength reaches zero, the Cyclops will sink to the bottom of the sea.

Precursor Caves

Two new caves make an appearance in this update, within the Mushroom forest and the Crag Fields. All Precursor areas are part of a much larger story….

New In-Game UI

The most noticeable change in the latest update is the amazing new UI. Colorful and animated displays show important data useful for survival.

Resource Models, Eggs, and More Art Added

Materials such as Aluminum, Limestone, and more have final models. Additionally, several new eggs have been added or updated, alongside new inventory icons, and a Fade objects option!

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