(Micro) Update 67 Released on Steam

Posted by acedude 8 years ago

Update 67 is now available on Steam. We haven’t named this update, because it is a little baby update. Unlike Farming, Power Nap, Machinery, and other updates, 67 doesn’t include any big exciting new features. It does include important and useful improvements to the game. Read on to find out what’s inside.

This is a Steam update. To be notified when Subnautica on Xbox One receives its first update, sign up to the Subnautica Xbox newsletter, or follow Subnautica Xbox on Twitter.


Subnautica now supports the use of Xbox controllers when playing on PC. You can adjust controller bindings in a new options section in the main menu. Controllers do not yet work in the main menu itself – Sorry about that, we intend to remedy this in future.


Thanks to some optimisation work we’ve done for the Xbox version of Subnautica, the game will now run slightly better on minimum-specification PCs. If you are running Subnautica on PC at or near minimum-specification, you may notice slightly better frame-rates.


We’ve applied a blowtorch to the loading screen. It will now crash far less often on Windows. The ‘grey screen’ crash, where the Subnautica would become non-responsive and crash, was one of our most frustrating bugs. After this update, we expect you will see it a lot less often.

Also included in Update 67 are:

  • Drowning in Hardcore mode will not longer cause an endless black screen
  • Seamoth and player turn speeds are now more consistent
  • FPS command now available in console
  • VR Bugs have been squashed – you can now make a climb & use Mobile Vehicle Bay properly
  • Locked but known technologies (e.g. Seamoth in Constructor) will display grey icons in fabrication menus

And that’s it for Update 67. To be notified when a new major update is available on Steam, sign up to the Steam update newsletter. We’re looking forward to bringing you the next big Subnautica update!


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