Subnautica Concept: Cyclops Engine Room

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Subanutica Concept Cyclops Engine Room

This is not floating-metal-hulk-simulator 2016, people, our submarines need engines! A few decades ago, we showed off pre-alpha screenshots that featured a Cyclops submarine.

Subnautica Pre-Alpha Screenshot

Cyclops Sub and Stalkers

The Cyclops is the first major submarine we have added to Subnautica (Though not the first underwater vehicle!). Those who played Subnautica at PAX East 2014 were able to board it, walk around, and pilot it.

Cyclops Submarine Concept

Cyclops Submarine Concept by Pat

But much of the Cyclops’ internal structure was closed off. On an upper deck, a Seamoth submersible was parked, but apart from that there was not much going on. Crucially, there was no access to the engine room. Soon, that will change…

Subanutica Concept Cyclops Engine Room

Cyclops engine room with moving parts marked

The above concept, by Pat, shows off what the Subnautica engine room will eventually look like. This section is at the stern, ahead of the prop and behind the sail. Already, the pieces are taking shape. Here’s a high-poly in progress piece of the engine in the early stages of 3D modeling:


The engine room won’t just be for show: We are toying with different gameplay ideas involving construction, repair, and upgrades. For example, here is a concept piece for an engine upgrade interface. Could this panel allow a player to improve their Cyclops’ speed? Endurance? Reduce noise to stop scaring away creatures they wish to study? Who knows…

Concept for Cyclops engine room upgrade console

Concept for Cyclops engine room upgrade console

There rearmost piece will likely include many rotating parts. A player walking around in the Cyclops engine room while the engine is running could be in for a real treat. You can play around with the model inside this Sketchfab window:

What do you reckon? What do you want to be able to do inside the engine room? What are your inner submarine-owner desires? Let us know, and they might end up in the game!

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