P.R.A.W.N. Update Video

Pressure Re-Active Waterproof Nano Suit

This versatile, highly-upgradable suit is a must-have for adventurers of any type. The base suit sports two claw arms that can pick up items and pack a punch. Four optional arm upgrades and multiple suit upgrades (detailed below) allow for a large array of choices. What's more, it's heat resistant with a default depth of 900m. This suit requires two power cells to operate.

Suit Upgrades

There are four upgrade slots available on the P.R.A.W.N. Suit which accept several common modules, such as the Storage and Pressure Compensator upgrades. Additionally there are P.R.A.W.N. Suit specific upgrades such as Jump Jet Upgrades and a Thermal Power Upgrade. The Thermal Power Upgrade allows heat to be converted to power for charging the suit's power cells.

Drill Arm

Allows for drilling of large resource deposits. Once drilled, these deposits break down into pieces that can be picked up.

Grappling Arm

Unsurprisingly, the Grappling Arm upgrade allows you to fire a grapple! This grapple can attach to large, anchored geometry, allowing you to pull youself towards it. Alternatively, it can attach to smaller creatures, items, and so on, which can then be pulled towards you.

Torpedo Launcher

Storing up to four torpedoes at a time, this upgrade works just like the Seamoth Torpedo launcher. It uses the same torpedoes as the Seamoth, as well.

Propulsion Cannon

Functions the same as the Propulsion Cannon tool, except as an arm, it can lift heavier items. Additionally, it's now possible to load items into the Propulsion Cannon tool or arm.

Claw Arm

Equipped as the standard arm on the P.R.A.W.N. suit, this arm is quite versatile. It can both pick up things and adminster a quick strike, useful for smashing rocks for resources if you don't have the Drill Arm yet.

Prop Cannon, Crash Fish & the Encyclopedia

  • Bringing up the Load Tool now brings up a new menu to load items into your Propulsion Cannon tool from your inventory or from PRAWN suit storage for exosuit propulsion arm.
  • Find, nurture, and hatch Crash Fish eggs in your Aquarium!
  • A fancy new icon now alerts you when anything is added to your Encyclopedia

  • Lava Zone

    From the depths of the newly improved Lava Zone, two new creatures emerge. Introducing the Lava Larva and the Lava Lizard! As the Lava Lizard swims through lava, a shell of lava forms on their back, acting as a natural armor. What's more, these lizards can shoot hardened lava at a player, causing serious damage. The Lava Larva, on the other hand, attaches itself to certain machinery, draining energy and slowing its host.

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