Subnautica at PAX East 2014

Subnautica PAX

Press, bloggers, YouTubers!

PAX East 2014 (Boston, April 11-13) will be the first time that Subnautica is publicly playable, anywhere in the world. Whether you are a writer for a big news site, a YouTuber, a small news site, a game blogger, or a PewDiePie, we want to show our new game to you.

Email to grab a time to come by and see what Unknown Worlds has been doing underwater. You will get to see and play the first, pre-Alpha version of the game, and ask Subnautica’s producer any and all questions you might have.

Space and time are limited, so jump in the ocean now!


The Subnautica PAX East 2014 booth will be open to all visitors – But space will be limited inside, and we will be admitting players first-come-first served, so come by early!