Cuddlefish Update Released on Xbox One

Posted by acedude 7 years ago

The Cuddlefish Update has been released on Xbox One! The adorable, squidgy, playful Cuddlefish is waiting to be your dive-buddy.

Cuddlefish on Xbox One includes extra work on performance, stability, and general polish. We hope you will notice a slightly improved frame rate on Xbox, though we still have great deal of work to do.

On save/load bugs: Cuddlefish does not fix the save/load issues that many of you are experiencing. We are very sorry about this. We have included extra error reporting, to help us ascertain the cause of the errors and fix them.

We will solve these save/load bugs. We have solved other ones in the past. We wish we were making faster progress, and are very sorry that you are still having trouble saving and loading games.

In the mean time, we hope you enjoy the Cuddlefish Update. Along with the namesake cuddle-buddy, and performance improvements mentioned above, Cuddlefish includes new Seamoth and PRAWN Suit HUDs.


– Hugh


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