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A new Subnautica update is under construction. It’s going to be called ‘Seamoth,’ and could arrive anywhere between two and four weeks from now (Or more! Always exercise caution when listening to our release time predictions…). Here’s a sneak peek at what’s coming:

The Seamoth update centres on that eponymous submersible. When the Habitat Update was released earlier this month, the giant Moon Pool gave the Seamoth a home. It kept the Seamoth safe, but that’s about it.

A new ‘Seamoth Upgrade Console’ will expand the utility of the Moon Pool. The console is a modular component that can be installed in any of the six available hardpoints in the Moon Pool. Once built, it will allow a proud Seamoth owner to rename, repaint, and recharge their Seamoth.

That’s not the full extend of the Seamoth love. The submersible itself is also being modified extensively. The plan is for an upgrade panel to be placed on the port side of the hull. Here’s a concept from Cory:


Note the panel open (on the left) and closed (on the right). Approaching and interacting with the panel will open the PDA, with a Seamoth ‘paper doll’ visible. The PDA interface will give access to four hardpoints. These hardpoints could be used for storage bays, sensor-torpedoes, or other upgrades. Here’s a rough ‘grey box’ mockup of the system in action:

Using this system, it will be possible to customise the Seamoth for different missions. For example, if travelling into a dark cave system, you may add extra storage space for flares, dive-reels, batteries, and building material for constructing ‘camp sites.’ Here is another concept, this time for storage modules on the dorsal-hull section:


We’ve noticed lots of players are using the console to grant infinite resources and build giant seabases, or fleets of Cyclops submarines. Charlie has been working on a new game mode called ‘Creative,’ that (among other things), removes resource and tech restrictions. When the Seamoth Update is released, you will be able to use Creative mode to build the giant seabases of your dreams without messing with the console.



Simon has been creating crazy sounds, as usual. First, listen to this creepy sound for the new ‘Biter Fish’:


Second, check out his rig:


A video posted by Simon (@sy1k1) on


For the longest time, entering a sea-base has been a slightly jarring affair. One click and one is transported instantly from ocean to base, or vice versa. Louis has been cooking up a potential intermediary animation, to ease the transition:



Naturally it is impossible to cram the work of every developer into this blog post. This post is, in fact, the tip of the iceberg. To see more of what is being worked on for the Seamoth Update, go to the Subnautica Trello Board. Be notified when the update is released by signing up to the 100% spam-free certified-organic Subnautica Dev Mailing List. We’re always looking for your feedback, so please tell us what you think about all this Seamoth Update stuff.

Remember, we are very bad at predicting release dates. Seamoth could arrive next week, in four weeks, somewhere in between, or after the next Pluto Perihelion. We don’t know. You can be sure that we are busting gut to get it to you as fast as possible!

– Hugh

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