Alterra Science Update Released!

Posted by acedude 9 years ago

Crashed on an alien world? Surrounded by ocean predators and hostile environments? Fear not, brave traveller: For you now have new means of crafting at your disposal. The Workbench and Propulsion Cannon will transform the way you explore the ocean!



The propulsion cannon was developed by a crack team of Alterra Corporation scientists. The cannon may or may not exploit un-patented work by one Dr Eli Vance, rumoured to be an employee of one of Alterra’s competitors, Black Mesa Corporation. We can’t be sure. We can be sure that nothing like the Propulsion Cannon has existed for a very long time – Perhaps even as long as the half-life of the universe.


Pushing a way an aggressive Sand Shark using the propulsion cannon

The propulsion cannon can be used to grab, push, drag, fling, and manipulate most smaller objects in the ocean. It definitely does not use gravity to do this.


A Workbench on the main deck of a Cyclops submarine, crafting a Heat Knife

The new Workbench opens up new crafting and equipment customization possibilities. Build one with a Builder tool after analyzing a Workbench Fragment.

Equipment including the Knife, Tank, and Fins can be altered using the Workbench. For example, a Knife can be modified to feature a super-heated blade. This new Heat Knife can then be used to instantly cook fish unfortunate enough to be killed by its blade.


Look out fishy, this is a hot knife!

Perhaps the most important feature of the Alterra Science update is the development of a hitherto unimaginable technology: Working doors. Run up to a Cyclops submarine door or hatch to know true science fiction futurism.

Ever wished you could mark a cave entrance for future exploration, but can’t tell all your beacons apart? Alterra Science has a super scientific solution to this problem: Beacon labels. Use them to keep track of all your stuff, and places to visit!


Cutomised beacon labels allow easier navigation

Seabases and the Cyclops submarine have received major visual upgrades in Alterra Science. New internal lighting gives them a slick new look.


Yummy lighting

The Cyclops is not just prettier, it is also getting more clever. Alterra Science brings new science to submarine technology, with an upgrade console that can grant your boat greater diving depth, a stronger hull, and more.


Craft Cyclops upgrades and place them in the upgrade console for a better ‘Clops

Of course, as always, we can’t fit everything we’ve done into this blog post. Alterra Science is packed with bug fixes, tweaks, and tricks that all add together to make Subnautica Early Access a more enjoyable experience. Check out the Subnautica Trello board and the Checkin & Changes List to see absolutely everything that went into the update!


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