3-in-1 On the Edge Of Release

Posted by acedude 7 years ago

Update 07 Sep 2017: 3-in-1 has been released!

Original article published 28 Aug 2017:


Last week, we were prepping a 3-in-1 update for Xbox One launch. We passed the last hurdles with Microsoft, and were running through the final launch sequence checks, when this happened:

It is colourful, but it is not fun. We have not yet identified the cause, but somewhere on the way between our development kits and retail Xbox’s, our textures are going haywire.

This is, in many ways, very disappointing. For us, but more importantly, for all of you. You’ve waited far too long, and we’ve tripped at the final hurdle before update release.

In other ways, it is a good situation. We know we have a working update, we know it is passing tests on our development kits. Having a problem transferring that updates to retail Xboxes is better than having a problem with getting the update to work at all.

As usual, we can’t give an estimate on how long it will take us to fix this problem. We have our best minds working on it full time. Releasing this update on Xbox one is our highest priority. We will make it, and we don’t for a moment take your patience for granted.

– Hugh

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