Programming test

Create a simple first person base building prototype in Unity. For an example of how base building works in Subnautica see this video.

We do not expect you to create something as full featured as the Subnautica base building system for this test, but there are a few basic requirements we’re looking for:

1. Implement some basic rooms and corridors, so that a player can connect rooms with corridors in a variety of layouts.
2. Player must be able to construct, enter, and walk around inside the base.
3. The player should be given feedback on whether or not placement of a piece is valid.
4. Connecting one piece to another should remove any walls between them.
5. Player must be able to deconstruct pieces.

If you’d like to go beyond these basics, feel free. For parts of the the demo that aren’t related to base building (e.g. player movement) you may use code from other sources. The test should take between 8 and 20 hours to complete.