Where are the Reinforcement Program rewards?!

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Last week, we launched the Reinforcement Program, allowing you to donate to NS2 development and receive some sweet rewards in return. At each step of the purchase process, there is red text warning you that the rewards are not yet in-game, and that we hope to begin phasing in the rewards on September 3rd.

Well, it is September 3rd, and the rewards are not in game. Which means we are bad people, and you are rightfully wondering where the hell your rewards are! We apologise sincerely – We are working on them non-stop around the clock. Here is proof that we are well advanced in getting them into the game:

Natural Selection 2

The Shadow Skulk wall running

This screenshot was posed and taken today at 1823PST – Proof of life for the Shadow Skulk. Like the Elite Assault Marine below, the Shadow Skulk is in game and almost ready. Several issues held us back today, including a lack of completed first person models for the male Assault Marine and missing badges. Shoulder pad decals are also not quite working properly yet.

We take your support in the Reinforcement Program very seriously, and will not rest until these rewards are in game and working to everyone’s satisfaction. We cannot express how happy your generous response to the Reinforcement Program has made us, and we don’t presume that because we have your money, we can take it easy. Everything is going in – the Expanded Soundtrack, badges, shoulder pads, the works.

Natural Selection 2

An Elite Assault Marine about to cop some Skulk bite

While many of you will be understandably upset at our delay, we ask that you remember that while Unknown Worlds has sometimes been a little bit late with things (Fall 2009) we always come good in the end. Everyone is staying back late tonight to crunch on getting the rewards in, so they will be ready very soon.

For updates on reward progress, follow @NS2 on Twitter.

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