PC Gamer Top-25 Shooters List!

Posted by 11 years ago

There are a few video games out there. Every genre has acres of titles to choose from, built up over the 51 years since Spacewar. Taking any of those genres and trying to name the best invariably involves sifting through thousands of games.

So imagine the surprise, elation, and excitement in the UWE office at the front page of PC Gamer. A double take confirmed that there is in fact an Onos and TSF marine tucked underneath the letters ‘PC.’

Natural Selection 2 PC Gamer

The full page spread devoted to NS2

Inside, NS2 scores an entire page for the most recognisable piece of Khaara v Frontiersmen art.

Natural Selection 2 PC Gamer

‘2012 Unknown Worlds’ – Smiles all round!

These lists are of course a bit arbitrary. People will argue until the cows come home about who should and should not be on the list. But the fact is, there are lots of shooters out there, and they have been collecting over many years. To be recognised at the high end of the genre is immensely invigorating. We’re certainly not sitting about toasting success and patting each other on the back, check out ongoing development in the May State of Development post!

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