How does Gorgeous Work?

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There are some big new features in Gorgeous. How do they work? Let’s have a looksie at three of them..,

Gorge Tunnels

These pretty looking tubes may be researched by Alien Commanders for 30tres, with one Hive. Once researched, Gorges must build both an entrance and an exit to create a connection. Each tunnel entrance/exit costs 10pres.


To enter a tunnel, simply run up to one of the orifices… And go through it. (Be brave.) Inside, run to the other end and voila, you will pop out at the other end. If you happen to be human, you will take damage to your armour while inside the tunnel.


Most of us fantasize about having an army of minions. Fantasize no longer, as the babblers faithfully serve you through all your violent anti-human undertakings. To create babblers, press “2” to access your build menu. Then, selected babbler eggs with “3.” Place the eggs and grow them with your heal-spray.


You can have a maximum of nine babblers at any one time. They will follow you about by default, and attack anything hostile in the immediate vicinity. You can direct them to a specific area by selecting your Bait Ball with “4.” Spit where you want your Babblers to… Babble.

Babblers may be attached to fellow aliens to grant them more armour. Spit a Bait Ball at your friend and Babblers will attach themselves. Bounce the Bait Ball off a wall or other surface and the Babblers will attach to you!


There is something darkly satisfying about blowing up aliens. The Railgun is tremendously fun, but its charge-up mechanic makes it difficult to master. Railguns are unlocked when single-weapon Exosuits are researched. Buy them at the Prototype lab, just like you would a single-minigun Exosuit.


Hold right-mouse-button to charge the weapon, and release it to fire. A fully charged shot will blow up a Skulk in one hit. If they have taken a little damage, Lerks and Gorges will also disintegrate in one hit. Badly damaged Fades and Onii will do likewise.

Watch out for Onii when driving a Railgun Exo – It has much lower Damage-Per-Second than a Minigun Exo, and can’t do enough damage to bring down the big aliens before they turn you into robotic metal syrup.

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