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What a post title – And we’re not even lying. These are actually screenshots of Gorgeous, taken around the map Descent. Since launch, we have been relying on screenshots that don’t even include ambient occlusion and 3d infestation. Now, we have a new batch of official screenshots thanks to Cory’s magic hand. They feature the new content in Gorgeous, as well as Spark’s new graphics tricks: Reflections and decals.

The shot above shows those decals in action: The blood splatter, claw marks and bullet holes give new visual depth to combat.

GorgeTunnelThis shot shows the interior of the Gorge tunnels. These tunnels can be used by alien and marine alike, but marines take armour damage while inside.

HydroFightThis Gorge is in Hydro-analysis, and is using babblers. Babblers are individually weak, and will burst after just a few shots. Their strength is in their numbers. Gorges can hatch up to nine babblers, attach them to friends or themselves, or use the Bait Ball to send them into a feeding frenzy at the Gorge’s chosen location.

MonorailBattleDescent is the most visually rich map yet produced for NS2. This is Monorail, the site of a crashed train. Detailed and unique prop work fills every room on the station.

CommanderModePlazaBattleAlong with the adjacent Club, Plaza is one of the most visually striking areas on Descent. The consumer amenities of this shopping area provide start contrast to the grimy industrial environments of most other NS2 maps.

FlamethrowerInHallway01Something about this shot grabs us. The flamethrower has failed to dissuade the Onos charge, and bullets from shotguns and rifles have not stopped him. A Skulk takes advantage of the distraction to scuttle down the wall, and blood all over the floor hints that this encounter is not the first… Nor will it be the last.

You can download all the official Gorgeous screenshots right here: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/lcqlc74crp0cn8m/bsjDfHBcjv





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