Update 291 Released

Posted by sebastian 8 years ago
Update 291

Update 291 was just released!

Update 291 adds a brand new training mode to the game called “Hive Challenges”. You can find it at the Training Menu.

Try your best as Lerk and Fade to defend your Hive against different and increasingly difficult waves of marines. How long will you last?

Hive challenge selection menu

Beyond that we included our weekly amount of fixes and tweaks for various issues:

Tweaks / Improvements

  • Added Hive Challenge mode! Access it from the Training menu
    • As Fade or Lerk, defend a lone hive against endless waves of marines
  • Removed mute option from tutorial, because our data tracking showed a regression in completion rates (experiment fail, revert!)
  • Lowered the default temporarily ban time of votekick to 2 minutes.


  • Fixed issues where a race condition in the filesystem cache was causing issues when trying to join a server from the tutorial, or trying to switch between tutorial and training modes
  • The tutorial voiceover message background now scales correctly to the voice over text message.
  • Changed the way the round report for the hive stats system is generated to solve a bunch of issue.
  • Fixed a minor script error in the tutorial


  • Editor
    • Texture lock has been massively improved.  Textures shouldn’t become misaligned anymore.
    • Flipping faces now preserves texture mapping.
    • The flip command now works correctly with props.
    • The skybox is no longer visible in the Top, Front, and Side views.
  • Builder utility is now limited to a single running instance at a time

Map tweaks and fixes courtesy of Zavaro!

  • ns2_biodome
    • Fixed OcclusionGeometry sticking through world throughout the map
    • Increased LowLights distance in Analysis to remove a few pitch black areas
  • ns2_docking
    • Fixed OcclusionGeometry sticking through world throughout the map
  • ns2_mineshaft
    • Fixed stuck spots with renegade CollisionGeometry in Operations
  • ns2_tram
    • Fixed OcclusionGeometry sticking through world throughout the map

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