AusNS2 League Grand Final

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European and North American players may get the most exposure, thanks to the great work of the NSL &, but they aren’t the only ones playing organised competitive NS2. Down under, season one of the AusNS2 league is drawing closer to an epic finale: Lord Mayor vs Ascension. Here is a recap of the league so far:


From the AusNS2 website:

“Congratulations to Ascension who finished 1st in the regular season, going 16-0. The underdog, lord mayor, came 2nd with a score of 13-3 losing rounds to ascension and x only in the final weeks of the season. In 3rd and 4th came x and RaZe respectively, who were snapping at the heels of each other throughout the season, with x only breaking past in the final few weeks. -/AUS/-, 50 Shades of Awesome and Numero Onos were close to each other as well throughout the entire season as well, with -/AUS/- taking the 1 point over 50 Shades of Awesome and 50 Shades of Awesome taking the 1 point over Numero Onos. Neptunium, while at the bottom of the ladder on 2 wins and 14 losses, did make progress that far outweighs what can be shown on a scorecard and for that, their efforts are congratulated, as well as all the other teams.”

The Grand Final will take place over at on Sunday, 24 November at:

1900 (7pm) Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST)
0100 (1am) Pacific Standard Time (PST)
0400 (4am) Eastern Standard Time (EST)
1000 (10am) Central European Time (CET)
0900 (9am) Greenwich Mean Time (GMT)

If you would like to convert that into your local time zone, and save the event so you don’t forget, here are three places you can do just that:

Facebook Event | Steam Event | Google+ Event

What makes this Grand Final particularly exciting is that it is going to be a window on the skill level of the AusNS2 scene. With the NS2 World Championship qualifiers gearing up to begin soon, will there be thunder from down under? Will the European and North American titans of the NS2 competitive scene shake in their boots at a threat from a far away land? Tune in to find out.

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