Future Perfect Update 2

Posted by Max at 06-12-2014

Future Perfect Update 2 is now up on Steam! As usual, we’ve been updating the “beta” branch with a new build every day. On Friday we move the stable build over to the main branch. Here’s a look at the most exciting changes this week.

Multiplayer Hot Loading


One of the really nice features of Future Perfect is that all assets “hot load”; this means if they are changed on disk, the game detects that and reloads it. This is especially nice with script files since it allows you to try new things while the game is running. Now we’ve taken it a step further and if a file is updated in a multi-player session it will hot load on all of the connected machines.

This mechanism also means that you can now connect to a friend that’s making something new even if they haven’t uploaded to the Workshop yet. During the connection, all of the new files will be sent to you directly from their computer.

New Weapons


Brian added a Pistol and a Railgun to the “shooter” game and Alex did a first pass on the animations for them as well as a no weapon animation set.


The animations right now are rough, but we’ll be refining them, fixing bugs and making them work better from the first person view. The idea with the assets we’re creating is that you’ll be able to reuse them in your own games in different ways. We’re planning on including animation sets for the Avatar model holding and using a few different classes of objects.

New Artwork


Andrew added some new environment models including lights and a server:

Server and Lights

We’ve got some plans for the server in the games we’re making, but we also want to provide you with pieces that you can re-purpose for your own games. Some of the other reusable pieces — the “alt coin” (a sort of general reward pickup) and the rocket — got model updates from Andrew this week:

Updated Art

Model Importing


I’ve been working on the interface for setting up model assets as well as the overall model import pipeline. I’m planning on streamlining the system some more, but the improvements this week should be a big help for people who want to get their own artwork into Future Perfect. Here’s a demo with a model borrowed from the Subnautica team:




In addition to the box and sphere shaped triggers, Dushan added a new type of trigger which is based off of a collision model. Dushan also enhanced the ray casting API to optionally return all intersections:


We also fixed a bunch of bugs and added some smaller improvements. If you want to see everything we’ve done, what we’re working on and where we’re going, check out our development Trello board.

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