Veteran program expanding overseas

In order to make sure NS v1.1 is as balanced and deep as it possibly can be, the Veteran program is expanding. The team is looking for some clans outside of the US, especially in Australia, New Zealand, Korea, Japan, Scandinavia and the UK. The only clans that aren’t being sought after at this stage are U.S. clans. Clans that play both FPS and RTS, or that compete regularly in CAL, CPL or other competitions will be given special consideration.

If your clan would like to be considered, please send links to demos, your clan homepage and any other info that shows the team you have what it takes to If admitted, up to 10 of your clan members will be admitted immediately to the program.

Your responsibilities include "scrimming" and "PUGing" as much as possible, at least a couple times a week. You will also need to provide constructive feedback on the forums. Keep in mind that you’ll be playing largely on U.S. run servers and will be expected to communicate in English. Clans should be creative, skilled, active and also comfortable with .zip files and using the NS forums.

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