Unknown Worlds Entertainment announced

It’s my pleasure to announce something I’ve been working on for a long time; Unknown Worlds Entertainment. This is the game company I am starting which will both continue supporting NS, and also will work on bigger and better NS-like projects. We are looking into lots of exciting projects, including releasing NS as a retail standalone product, and also a full-fledged sequel on a new engine. We are currently looking at next-generation engines, talking to publishers, and forming our core team.

We are very interested in talented and passionate people to help create special and memorable games. We are especially in need of animators and concept, 2D or 3D artists, and possibly a lead artist. If you want to work on innovative games that push action, strategy and socialization, and have the raw talent or experience to create amazing visuals, please visit the the site and apply. We’re eager to get started.

If you like NS, you’re going to looove what’s coming next…

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