Release day announcements

Be the first to play NS 2.0 at the official release party! Come down to Adrenaline Zone in Harvard Square (Cambridge, Massachusetts) on July 31st and skip the wait to download! Adrenaline Zone is the gaming cafe where the NS 1.0 release party was held, and Ken is such a nice guy, he’s letting us do it again. Come meet playtesters, developers, and NS community members including Coil, Flayra, Bacon_Bits, Parse_Error, jparis, BathroomMonkey, Squeal Like a Pig and maybe even MonsieurEvil! These people haven’t all committed to coming, but they were all there last time, so there’s a good chance they’ll be here again.

We had quite a turnout last time and fun was had by all. There are around 30 computers on which you can play NS 2.0 for free (snacks and soft drinks are available for purchase). There may also be an internet server or two hosted there that you can meet us on as well. Finally, due to recent generosity by ATI, we will be giving out various ATI goodies including posters, handheld fans, portable radios, and more. The party starts at 6pm, and will probably go until 10 or 10:30. Adrenaline Zone is in the same building as the Brattle Theater, is a short walk from the Red line (directions).

Also on release day, there will be a gigantic IRC party on #naturalselection on GamesNET, and probably a developer interview on NSRadio, which is itself launching version 2.0 of its stream on the same day. Rumor has it that our buddies down under at will also be hosting a giant IRC party at the same time. If you haven’t heard it yet, be sure to tune into NSRadio on Friday nights (EST) for the hilarious and original "The Show". It’s a great way to catch up on community events and gossip.

Final bugs and tweaks are currently being made to the game, as we gear up for our big release. Look for screenshots and interviews on your favorite gaming websites in the next couple days. Also look for the long-awaited next installment of "Six Days in Sanjii" soon, along with other updates to the site.

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