Release date announced, trailer released

It is our pleasure to inform you that Natural Selection will be released October 31st – yes, Halloween Night! To celebrate this long-awaited date, the Natural Selection mod team will be sending out plenty of information, screenshots, and more from now until DL-Day.

To start things off, here is the Natural Selection Trailer! There are two sizes available, a 640×480 version that’s 24 MB and a smaller version that’s 32×200 at 17 MB.

Gaming Razor (large)
Gaming Razor (small) (both) (large) (small) (Czech republic, large) (Czech republic, small) (large) (small) (large) (small)
FilePlanet (large)
FilePlanet (small)
Shack news (large)
Blueyonder (large)
Blueyonder (small)
NIM Studios (large)
PlanetNS (large)
Gamers Hell (large) (large) (small)
The Doom Brigade (large)
The Doom Brigade (small) (large) (small)

The trailer is 2:19 in length and requires DIVX 5.0.2. Feel free to mirror this trailer in any way you see fit. Please send us a link to your download page when you do so, so we can update our links and send you more users!

Natural Selection has been a large project, larger then the team had ever anticipated. We appreciated your patience while we created it, and now we would like to thank our fans for sticking by us while we finish up. Please enjoy this cinematic trailer as a special treat from the team.

This Halloween, prepare for a completely new game experience…

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