NS server released

The win32 and linux server files have now been released. Please note, there is no way to play NS with these files. These files are for server ops only, and trying to play NS with these files will crash your system or worse.

The server files are about 80 megs each. For more information on running a Natural Selection dedicated server, please visit the forums. Many thanks to the mirrors that are providing bandwidth for these downloads.

Gamigo.de (win32)
Gamigo.de (linux)
Nimstudios.org (win32)
Nimstudios.org (linux)
GWForum.net (win32)
GWForum.net (linux)
EFTel Games (win32)
EFTel Games (linux)
Ausgamers.com (win32)
Ausgamers.com (linux)
Jetstreamgames.co.nz (win)
Jetstreamgames.co.nz (linux)
Railgun.net (win32)
Railgun.net (linux)
Half-life.hu (both)
HLCenter.com (win32)
HLCenter.com (linux)
UneekGaming.com (win32)
UneekGaming.com (linux)
FilePlanet (win32)
FilePlanet (linux)
FileShack (win32)
FileShack (linux)
Redphive.org (win32)
Redphive.org (linux)
Extreme-players.de (win32)
Extreme-players.de (linux)
ReconGamer.com (win32)
ReconGamer.com (linux)

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