NS Invitational Tournament Launches – Summer ’05

After nearly a two week delay, the staff has finally been able to launch the second edition of the Natural Selection Invitational tournament. For those of you who have never heard of NSI here is a brief description of what it is:

The NSI Tournament program is an effort by select members of the NS competitive community to host a tournament that unites the entire community under one event. The Summer Tournament will be its second official event, and we will use lessons learned from the previous tournament to make this coming one the best we possibly can. We’d like to thank our supporters, participating teams, and our staff members for making this event possible. Make sure to continue checking this page for updates and other tournament information.

The tournament is a simple 16-team Double Elimination tournament and contains teams from all around the world. Feel free to root for the team for your country, and if there is none get out there and make one!

The NSInvitational Tournament’s first matches will take place this weekend and round 1 will be over by the 4th of July. We will maintain contact with the NS community and would like to ask clanners, vets, devs, pts and pubbers alike, please come out and support the event. Enjoy a good game of NS by watching from our HLTV servers, and on top of that enjoy a great commentary of the match live with NSRadio. For more information visit our website at www.nsinvitational.com or come to #nsinvitational on irc.gamesurge.net

All match information will be posted on our website along with demos of each match. So come out and enjoy this summers hottest event, the NSI!


Terror – America
Netpoint.EoD – Spain
WarmNFuzzy – America
Darwin’s Law – America
Incredibles – Brazil
Knife – Europe
LoC – America
Levitacus – Finland
Reflect – America
Less than three – Europe
Slot1 – America
Penguin – America
Obscure – America
No Compromise – America
Exigent – America
Pending – ??