NS 2.1 announced

NS 2.1 is on its way! The contents of the patch include the following:

– VALVe Anti-cheat support (VAC)
– Many balance improvements (slightly reduced the power of aliens at hive 2, lessened some marine costs, fixes for long end-games, etc.)
– 1-2 new maps from the community
– 3rd-person marine reload animations (hoping this will be ready in time)
– Fixes for dedicated server and mp_consistency
– Visible player score and new scoring system (not confirmed, and still working out the details)
– New spectator UI (simple, automatic and shows much more information)
– Cloaking upgrade enhancements (fades smoothly, players can walk slowly with it)
– Translations for German, Spanish and Turkish (write Nemesis Zero at nemes1szer0@gmx.de with questions or comments)
– Many bug fixes (occasional stuck issues, sinking structures, rules for voice comm, improved wall-walking near railings and water, etc)
– Fixing all known exploits

The patch will probably be between 5 and 10 megabytes, and all players will need to download it. We are hoping to release it before the end of August, so look out for it.

The team has been receiving many questions about NS and the Half-life 2 engine. We want to see NS on the HL2 engine as much or more then you guys do. It would be a huge amount of work though, and to really take advantage of its capabilities, all the artwork and maps would have to be re-created. Seeing a sequel to NS on HL2 is something we’re looking into though.

As CAL and UGL leagues are gearing up for their first season, Kaos from Game Broadcasting Live indicates that they are in dire need of some broadcasters. They need people to commentate live matches, so people can listen while watching via HLTV. It’s quite cool. If you’re interested, in something like this, write him.

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