NS 2.0 PR blitz has begun

The Natural Selection 2.0 Release PR blitz has begun! Over the next 2 weeks we will be release you a series of 2.0 movies, including in-game, trailers, fly-thrus, and more, culminating in the NS 2.0 Full release July 31st!

First, check out our sister site www.readyroom.org for the first screenshots of 2.0! New commander mode shots, the new grenade launcher, and much more await.

Then, make sure to download and watch the NS ‘New Maps Flythrough’, which is a 4 minute trip through the all new levels included in NS 2.0. It features plenty of never-before-seen footage of new NS maps, and comes in both Divx 5.0.5 and Windows Media Player formats, at 640×480. The download is around 30 megabytes.


Fileplanet (DIVX)
Fileplanet (WMP)
Esports.no (DIVX)
Esports.no (WMP)
Clansin.com (DIVX)
Clansin.com (WMP)
Worthplaying.com (both)
(additional mirrors updated readyroom.org)

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