New game revealed!

After my last post, I wasn’t sure about the response I’d get. I think I got one slightly negative e-mail and I got many warm words of support! People offering to donate, help with programming and tons of people that were supportive of the new casual game in order to pay the bills. Wow!

It’s because of the support of this great community that I thought it appropriate to let you know about the new game. It was created mostly by Cory "Squeal Like a Pig" Strader and myself, with help from David John and Scott Haraldsen, all of which have helped out with NS. I’m sure you will recognize Cory’s wonderful and distinctive art-style as that which you see all throughout the models and level textures in NS. The game is called the Zen of Sudoku and is available now (as of 2 hours ago!) as a trial download and full purchase for $12.95.

If you’re interested in directly supporting NS and Unknown Worlds, I know of no better way than to try and buy this game, and especially, to spread the word about it. Tell your friends. Post on forums. Tell your parents and their friends (they’ll love it, seriously). There’s even an in-game "Tell a Friend" feature! We keep the vast majority of the funds on each sale, and are attempting to stay off the big icky portals to do so. If this game does well, we will surely be able to begin real work on Natural Selection: Source. Hopefully that’s incentive enough. 🙂

Finally, if you’re interested in reading more about how and why the game was made, check here. Thanks again for the wonderful support everyone, you’re truly the best.