Decoda 1.13 released

Decoda 1.13 is now available for download. This patch fixes bugs, addresses a compatibility issue with the latest releases of LuaJIT and improves support for UTF8 strings. If you have auto-updates enabled, Decoda will automatically detect the update and download it (you can also manually do this by selecting Help/Check For Updates from the menu). Otherwise grab and run the latest installer from here.

Here’s the change list for Decoda 1.13:

  • Added support for displaying classes created with luabind in the Watch window
  • Added work-around for lack of C call return hooks in LuaJIT 2.0
  • Added the ability for applications to optionally return a "class" name from __towatch
  • Changed the debugger to automatically show the calling Lua line when a C function generates an error with lua_error/luaL_error
  • Fixed displaying of UTF8 data in the watch window
  • Fixed deadlock when inspecting loaded DLLs in some applications
  • Fixed bug where the registration key would not be remembered on some computers
  • Fixed occasional crash bug when deleting items in the Watch window
  • Fixed bug where additional memory would be used every time luaL_newmetatable was called, even if the metatable already existed

If your evaluation for Decoda has ended and you would like to request an extension, please e-mail us at

As usual, please e-mail us at if you have any problems or suggestions.

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