Decoda 1.06 released

Decoda 1.06 is now available for download. This version primarily fixes issues with Lua coroutines, displaying values in the watch window and "strict" versions of Lua, but there’s a bunch of other minor bug fixes as well. Here’s the complete change list:

  • Fixed bug where up values for functions were not displayed in the watch window
  • Fixed bug where meta methods on the global table that invoked the error function could cause deadlocks in the watch window
  • Fixed bug where watches could be evaluated in VMs that had been destroyed
  • Statements can now be evaluated in the watch window
  • Fixed crash bug when using decoda.output with an implementation of Lua linked with the stdcall calling convention
  • Changed new project files to be opened in the editor when they are added
  • Added prompt when creating a new file with the same name as an existing file
  • Fixed crash bug where VMs for Lua coroutines would not be removed from the the VM list
  • Fixed bug where "VM destroyed" message was sometimes displayed multiple times when a single VM was destroyed
  • The previous window position is now restored when starting up Decoda
  • Fixed bug where files that are automatically loaded during a debugging session did not default to the appropriate directory when the user tried to save them

You can either use the auto-update function built into Decoda, or grab the latest installer from here. There’s no need to uninstall the current version when updating.

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