Community happenings

There are lots of things happening around the NS community right now. Here we go.

The NS store has been updated with some great new gear! If you like NS 2.0, maybe you want "the eye" printed on a heavyweight semi-gloss poster as shown to the right? Click here to see the new 2.0 merchandise. Also, if you haven’t gotten a NS v1.0 shirt, you might want to get it now, as they won’t be available for much longer.

"evil | Turtle of the Evil clan writes to inform everyone about an upcoming 6v6 tournament with cash prizes! More details and signup info can be found here or by writing the Turtle directly.

XP-Cagey has released [file=Mapping_Guidelines.html]v2.1.1 of the NS mapping guidelines[/file]. Write him if you have any questions.

There has been a lot of questions recently, with VALVe’s release of Steam. Everyone wants to know if NS will appear on Steam, and more importantly, will their existing WONids work on Steam? How about Constellation and other icons? The truth is, we have no idea. No information has been relayed to the team, so we have no idea if we have to do anything or not. You can probably assume that things will continue to work for you though, and that NS will be appear on Steam in the near future. For late-breaking info as it develops, check this forum thread. If you want to run NS through Steam before it’s officially supported, select fmod.dll and the ns folder in your Half-life directory, and copy them to your Steam\SteamApps\Half-life directory. You may see crashes or weird problems with it, but the initial reports are good.

Tonight is a big an exciting CAL clan match! With their unbelievable reactions and FPS skills, sYn seemed to be the reining king of NS v1.04. HAM is great in this department, but is also on the cutting edge of 2.0x strategy. This will not be a game to miss. Thanks to Nucleargamer everyone can tune in to "NSTV". If you have NS installed, just click here to watch the game. It all starts around 8pm EST tonight. Check #syn or #findnsscrim on Gamesnet for more information. If you want to see the top of current NS strategy, you won’t want to miss this match.

Finally, NS v2.01 is in the final stages of testing and balance, and should be released shortly. Most public and clan players alike seem to think 2.01 is the best NS yet. Check the Public Beta forum (no longer available) as always to download or play the beta and give feedback.

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