CAL season and playoffs

It’s that time again. CAL (Cyber Amateur League) finals, it seems like only yesterday when the CAL season started and teams played through the official NS maps in an attempt to show each other and themselves who is the best in competitive play in North America.

Teams fought hard all season and it’s finally come down to 6 teams in the Delta division and 8 teams in the Omega division.

CAL Playoffs are 2 rounds (each team takes one round as marine and alien). In the case of a tie (2 alien or marine wins), higher ranked teams get to choose which side they play twice.

Here are the first round matchups (note all records are in the format of Win-Loss-Tie).

If you have never used HLTV previously, check out an article written by Albino, here.

In closing, I’d like to personally say good luck to obscure :), and all the other teams. May the best teams prevail.

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