Beta 4 release date

There is a new interview with Charlie "Flayra" Cleveland up on It has some Q&A about the NS beta, the future of NS, and Unknown Worlds. Don’t miss this! While you’re there, check out the user-made Marine vs. Marine combat action, and their custom map bonanza.

We are hard at work on beta 4, and will be releasing it Friday, April 23rd. It will include map updates, HLTV fixes, balance changes and…the ns_bast remake! You can’t even tell this isn’t the real bast, except when you see your pings. It’s going to be so great to have bast back! Thanks guys!

We will also be using this beta to start testing our unannounced new system (see previous news updates), so expect to hear more about that soon.

Finally, even though it should’ve been done a long time ago, we’d like to officially welcome Karl "XP-Cagey" Patrick to the NS team. He’s been working too hard and far too competetently for too long for us to ignore any more. You’ll see the fruits of his labors soon enough…