Unknown Worlds Networking

PC game development sits right at the bleeding edge of the tech industry. Real time 3d rendering of complex interactive scenes is the name of the err, game. A high-tech tech company should have a high-tech IT system, right? Wrong: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6b2DvLBu1PA

Until today, the network setup at Unknown Worlds would have made any cable management proponent break down and cry. After the success of Natural Selection 2, we could finally afford to have the office re-wired properly. Now, everyone has two network ports at their desk, and the whole  system is wired neatly into a cabinet.

unknown worlds natural selection 2 networking

Yummy neatness

Little things like not having to fumble around the office with a twenty-metre network cable looking for a free port can make a big difference to peoples productivity in the long term. Oh, and remove ridiculous trip hazards.

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