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Launch Notes

Dive into an underwater world filled with wonder and peril

Available now on Xbox One


Explore an immense alien underwater world. Discover unique biomes, from bioluminescent Mushroom Forest to the forbidding Granf Reef. Encounter unique sea creatures along the way: Some helpful, some a hinderance, and some terrifying.


Craft oxygen tanks, flippers, submersibles and other underwater equipment. Collect more resources and build entire seabases, complete with stunning Observatories and Moon Pools for docking vehicles. Construct the immense Cyclops Submarine, customise it to your taste, and pilot it on deep sea adventures.


Stranded alone on an ocean world, you must act quickly to survive. Gather food, construct habitats, and escape attack by dangerous creatures. Explore the radioactive wreck of your downed starship, and try to unravel the mystery of why you crashed, and how you might escape.

Optimised for Xbox One X

Subnautica runs great on any Xbox One. If you have a Xbox One X, you'll get enhanced visuals.

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