Xbox Update Incoming

Posted by acedude 8 years ago

Hi everyone! This post concerns Xbox Subnautica players. If you are playing on Steam, you can disregard it.

Right now, we are going through the process of releasing the first Subnautica update on Xbox One. We have finished a ‘build’ (a version of the game), and it’s been accepted by Microsoft for deployment to your console. We’ve hit the go-button. Theoretically, the update could be available to download on your Xbox right now.

We have hit two speed-bumps. First, we’re not sure how fast the update is being deployed across Microsoft’s global server network. Some people in some regions are reporting that they can play it, but the deployment does not appear to be widespread. We’re monitoring the situation and will continue to communicate with Microsoft about getting the update to you as quickly as possible.

Second, there may be an issue in the update with saving and loading games. We’re getting reports from some people that everything is ok, and others that it is not. We are making preparations to fix the issue and deploy that fix as soon as possible, but we are not sure what the time-frames will be. It could be today, it could be Monday, it could be later.

Once we have confirmed that the update is globally deployed, and once we’re sure we have the potential saving/loading issue under control, we will properly “announce” that the update has been released. We’ve got YouTube videos, newsletters, a dedicated website and more ready to go. We hope you’ll help us spread the word when the time comes.

Unknown Worlds has, until now, been a PC focused developer. Xbox is new territory for us. This first update is very much a learning experience, and no doubt we’ll get better at releasing updates on Xbox in time. Thank you for being a part of Subnautica Preview. We’re very much enjoying building this game for you, we’re listening to your feedback, and we’re working as fast as we can to get you the best updates possible.


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