Subnautica Xbox Save/Load Hotfix

Posted by acedude 7 years ago

Good news, Xbox players! We’ve just released an update that fixes a horrible save/load bug.

Somewhat absurdly, this bug caused anyone in a UTC+N timezone, e.g. UTC+4, to have to wait N hours before they could save a game, and then N hours for every subsequent save. Max and Scott had a whale of a time tracking it down, but it is now dead.

This update contains no other changes other than the save/load bug fix. Of course, we continue to work on more updates that will contain performance improvements, content, and stability enhancements.

There may be other save/load bugs still lurking out there. Please let us know if you encounter any trouble saving and loading your progress on Xbox One. If there are more bugs, we will find them and destroy them.

– Hugh


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